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Cheeky Reusable Sanitary Wear

Cheeky Mama & Cheeky Pants are big reusable period & reusable menstrual product brands. The Cheeky family makes different type of cloth pads and a large range of budget friendly period pants. They come from the Cheeky Wipes manufacturer.

While originally designed to give you period protection they also can be used for pee protection for light leaks or light incontinence. You will find the Cheeky range offers you items that will become your perfect period products.

Shop period protection by the amazing Cheeky family today!

Period Pants Styles

Cheeky Pants make a wide range of period underwear in a wide range of styles and absorbencies. Including low rise, mid rise and high waist.

Whatever your preferred style of period protection you will find it with Cheeky Pants.

Very popular with teens especially the low rise feeling sporty pants.

They can be used for pee or period protection or as a back up to menstrual cups, discs or tampons.