Saalt Underwear

Saalt period pants are exceptional quality. Saalt underwear should be classed as lingerie as it's far superior to other mainstream period pants. They are the best period underwear on the market.

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Saalt Underwear

Saalt are famous for their amazing Saalt menstrual cups but their Saalt Wear period underwear range of period pants is exceptional too. Period bliss guarantee!

Comfortable Period Underwear that looks sexy! Saalt doesn't make ordinary period pants they make lingerie period pants!

Saalt Wear that feels exactly like regular underwear but with impossibly thin, patent-pending gusset technology that keeps you dry, chic and leak-free.

Use Alone or as Back Up

Designed to be used on their own but can also be used for worry free backup for a tampon cup or disc. Saalt period panties give you leakproof period underwear that is reliable and sexy.

Live life leak free with the thinnest and driest leak proof and period underwear. Silky soft & stretchy body fabric Everyday protection for all leaks Also suitable for overnight protection depending on your menstrual flow.

How to wash

Same as most period underwear: Rinse in cold water, put in a wash bag for delicates and machine wash cold up to 40deg with your regular deterent and no fabric softener, air dry.