Love Luna Super Heavy Period Brief
Love Luna Super Heavy Period Brief
Love Luna Super Heavy Period Brief

Love Luna Super Heavy Period Brief

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For those times when you need period undies with a superpower! These period briefs have been designed to be extra-protective with double layer gusset padding, one of which has our trusty waterproof layer attached to it. Our gusset layer closest to your body is always 100% cotton, unlike other brands. Using 100% cotton gusset next to the skin, seriously reduces the number of bacteria that is able grow in that area which is much healthier for the body. The new padding that we use inside the gusset now even more absorbent. Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, we’ve doubled up the padding in these briefs so that it becomes SUPER absorbent! Designed with the environment in mind, the main outer
fabric used on these is organic cotton. This period gusset has an impressive 5 layer technology to help catch all the leaks even on your heavier days. These are the perfect
solution for wearing overnight or for a bit more protection.



Organically farmed cotton is far gentler on the body and the environment as it is usually hand-picked without the use of defoliants, chemicals, or machinery. When chemicals are sprayed on conventional cotton, that then also requires more water consumption as they wash the cotton later in the process to rinse off the chemicals. This also causes chemicals to enter our soil and waterways.
Organic cotton is said to be more durable as the chemicals used on conventional cotton is said to weaken the structure of the fibre.
While some 70% of the world’s cotton is now genetically modified, certified organic cotton is not.

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