Merula Douche
Merula Douche

Merula Douche

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Merula Douche Overview

With Merula douche you can clean your vagina after inserting a menstrual cup. No more unpleasant surprises from any missed blood and no more backup liner necessary. When changing a menstrual cup, remnants of menstrual blood often remain on the vaginal wall which can lead to unpleasant stains in panties. With Merula douche, this remaining blood can be quickly and easily cleaned away.

Merula Douche is the perfect supplement to your menstrual cup: empty your cup, insert it, clean away the remaining blood with Merula douche and put on your underwear and you're carefree again.

How To Use

Fill the douche with water
Insert the douche below your already inserted menstrual cup
Squeeze the botton of the Merula douche to wash any any remnants of blood

Cleaning and storage

Clean with warm water and mild soap. Store empty, open and with sufficient ventilation. Do not boil!


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