Merula Menstrual Cup

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Medical Grade Silicone
Capacity to Rim
Reg 38ml / XL 50ml
Capacity @ holes
Reg 38ml / XL 50ml
Stem Length
Reg 33mm / XL 25mm
Overall Length exc Stem
Reg 39mm / XL 50mm
Reg 46mm / XL 45mm
Overall Firmness
Made In
Product Detail

Best for...

  • Those needing high capacity
  • High & Low cervix!

Merula Menstrual Cup Overview

The Merula Cup is a really popular menstrual cup due to it's unusual shape which makes it suitable for so many people.

It does not matter if you have weak or strong pelvic floor muscles the Merula cup stays where it belongs. 

The Merula cup can be worn folded and does not have to open completely, only the edge needs to be open. Even if you have really strong pelvic floor muscles you will not make the cup lose it's shape.

The Merula cup is round, with a rigid edge and a thin, soft body. 

The Merula cup is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone and produced in Germany. The stem on the cup is usual and different to other menstrual cups, it is an adaptable, three-rung stem that can be shortened to ensure an individual, optimally comfortable length.


  • 1x Merula Cup in your chosen size Onesize/XL and colour.
  • 1x small cotton pouch in coordinating colours to your cup.
  • 1x Instruction Leaflet


The Merula cup comes in two sizes either standard onesize or XL.  So which one is right for you?

  • Merula One Size

The Merula cup's unusual spherical shape means the Merula One Size cup has a short height of only 39mm.

This means the cup can easily be used if you have a low cervix however unusually it is also suitable if you have a high cervix due to the long ladder shaped stem.  This versatility is really useful if you find your cervix height changes throughout your period.

Measuring the height of your cervix before using the cup for the first time is not necessary. Simply decide which length of the stem would be perfect for you.  You can adapt by cutting one of the two levels from the stem.

The Merula cup has a very large capacity up to 38ml which is the equivalent of 2 large tampons. 

The diameter is from 40-46mm. Merula Onesize adapts perfectly to your body and is ideal for light or heavy bleeding.

  • Merula Cup XL

The Merula Cup XL has a VERY large capcity of up to 50ml and comes with a diameter of 46mm .

The Merula XL cup is perfect if you have very heavy bleeding. 

The capacity of the Merula XL cup is on average the equivalent of 2 standard menstrual cups or 2.5 large tampons.

The Merula XL has a cup height of 50mm and is designed for use with medium to high cervix.

It comes with two rungs on the ladder stem so you can adapt it to fit your perfect needs.

If your cervix is exceptionally low or you feel your vagina is exceptionally tight then the XL cup may be too large for you, in this case we recommend you stick with the Merula Onesize Cup instead.


The Nappy Lady Ambassador Experience

The Merula cup can take a bit of practicing. We have some handy tips that other customers have found useful when fitting the merula cup

Use the punch down method when inserting the Merula Cup

One the cup is inserted and open the twist and push the cup to get it to open fully in the right place.

You can read about their experience here

Cups FAQ's

What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a reusable device worn inside the vagina that creates a seal against your vaginal wall and collects menstrual blood rather than absorbing it like a tampon. Menstrual Cups come in all shapes and sizes and most commonly are made of medical grade silicone. They are just as safe as tampons but most importantly they are more comfortable and make your period easier to manage.

Are menstrual cups messy to use?

Menstrual cups collect menstrual fluid and blood. I empty mine while sitting on the toilet or in the shower meaning I get very little to no blood on my hands. The blood is sitting inside the cup and when you take the cup out it's not tipped upside down until it's fully removed.  When I take my cup out at home, I tip it down the toilet between my legs and then as my sink is too far from my toilet I wrap it in a piece of toilet paper so I can lay the cup on the shelf while I wipe. I then take the cup to the sink, rinse with warm water and pop back in. You can use a cup cleanser to clean it every time or save that for the end of your cycle.

I've got an average flow so only need to empty it morning and evening so I'm normally at home. More details are in our separate article "can i go to the toilet while using a menstrual cup."

Can my menstrual cup get lost in me?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Your cervix (opening to your uterus) blocks the way for anything to get past (apart from sperm).  If your cup goes to high and you can't reach it bear down like you're straining to poo and it will move down (doing this while sitting on the toilet is particularly effective.  Once it moves into reach push on the sides to make it change shape and break the seal and pull it out.  I've got a high cervix but it's never gone so high it can't be reached. 

Is it uncomfortable to use a menstrual cup?

You shouldn't be able to feel the cup at all once it's in place.  If you can feel it, it's not inserted properly or you need to trim/cut off the stem.  If it's definitely in place and the stem has been trimmed then it's possible that it's not quite the right cup for you. It will still work but isn't the optimum cup for you.  Read our article on "choosing a menstrual cup."   We also have a "menstrual cup comparison chart" to help you find the perfect one for you.

Do I have to remove the menstrual cup when I go to the toilet?

No. You can go to the toilet as normal when wearing a menstrual cup. Some people prefer to remove their menstrual cup for a bowel movement but the choice is yours.

Does a period cup smell?

Absolutely NOT. Blood doesn't smell until it comes into contact with oxygen so unlike pads there won't be a smell as it's worn internally.  If you leave your cup in longer than 12 hours when it's removed there might be a slight smell but this will go with the blood being tipped away.

How often do you need to empty your menstrual cup?

This varies on your flow but on average 8-12 hours wear time is normal. Day 1 is more likely to be changed more frequently than the rest of your cycle.  If you have a very heavy cycle you may need to change more frequently. Remember menstural cups hold MORE than a tampon. 

Personally most months I can put the cup in after a morning shower and I don't need to change it until the evening. On day 1 sometimes it feels "heavy" there so I'll change it after about 8 hours.  A colleague has exceptionally heavy periods and day 1 and 2 they'll be changing every couple of hours on day 1 but this is far less than they had before they used a cup. 

Cups come in different sizes so change frequency is also influenced by the capacity of the cup.  Read our full article "How Often To Empty Your Menstrual Cup."

Can I put a menstrual cup in before my period starts?

YES!  This is one of the things I most love about my cup.  I've always had an irregular menstrual cycle varying from 5 weeks to 12 weeks (although much improved years ago having taken Agnus Castus).  I now use a period tracker so I get an estimated date from the app so when it's getting close I start using a menstrual cup and pop it in the morning just in case.  At the end of the day I check and I'm either still fine or surprise it's started!  No being unexpectedly caught out or stained underwear.  Using the cup was a real game changer for me with my irregular cycle. Full Details are found in our article "Can I Put My Menstrual Cup In Before My Period Starts."

I can't use tampons so would a menstrual cup NOT work for me too?

Absolutely NOT.  I have never been able to use tampons I just can't get them in right, too drying and irritating on putting in and removing, I can always feel them. However with a cup from the very first time it was perfect. Easy to get in and doesn't need to be positioned high as tampons.

The risk of toxic shock syndrome is lower with a menstrual cup than with tampons, but it still exists. Do not use any internal vaginal sanitary products if you have had TSS before. 

A cup doesn't absorb vaginal moisture so it doesn't dry you out, they are comfortable and can't be felt once correctly in place.  Life changing is how I describe my cup! More details in our full article "Can I Use A Menstrual Cup If Tampons Don't Work For Me."

Can you have sex with a menstrual cup in?

NO.  The cup will seal your vaginal canal. I have read cases of people who supposedly did leave it in and he slipped by the side but seriously I can't even begin to imagine how this worked out with a standard regular cup. See our Separate article on "Sex and Menstrual Cups." However menstrual discs are designed for mess free penetrative sex in mind so there are options for you.

I have an IUD can I still use a menstrual cup?

Yes you can but you have to be really careful with the strings. You must make sure you break the seal before you take it out so there is no pressure put on the strings. Full Details In Our Article "Menstrual Cup and IUD."

Can I swim with my menstrual cup in?

Yes absolutely.  No chance of any leaking blood down your legs, any escaped strings. I do find that some water leaks into the cup which comes out when the cup is removed. This is fine and if you weren't wearing a cup water would get into your vagina anyway.  I always empty my cup after swimming. Full Details In Our Article "Can I Go Swimming With A Cup?"

Can I exercise with my menstrual cup in?

Yes you can, I regularly run with mine, exercise classes and the gym. You will find a firmer cup is better for exercise than a softer cup as it holds it's shape better.  However I do find that if I'm lifting weights especially on a leg day with squats my cup moves down slightly from the bearing down. Choosing a firmer cup can help minimise this. On heavy flow days you may like to have back up of period underwear such as period pants as well. There is more information on all options for exercise in our article "Exercise & Reusable Sanitary Protection."

I have a weak pelvic floor can I use a cup?

Yes you can. You will find a softer cup such as the Saalt soft cup will be a better choice for you.

How much money will my menstrual cup save me?

This very much depends on how much you currently spend on period products. While some people may only use one box of tampons at a cost of just £2.10, someone else may need heavy pads and to change hourly. We have based our figures on those provided by Channel 4 Fact Check. They estimate that on average £10 per month is spent on essential products like pads, tampons and liners. 

Over the course of 10 years (how long the average cup lasts) the average spend is £1200! If you are at the lower end of the scale and only need one box of tampons per period then your 10 year spend would be £252. 

Menstrual cups costs about £25 making you a huge saving. Even on the lowest figures, you would make your money back within a year.

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Huge capacity, uncomfortable fitting
25 August 2023  | 

Iíve been using menstrual cups for somewhere between five and ten years, and my only frustration was having to empty them out so frequently. This cup definitely solved that problem as the capacity is massive. However, Iíve found it uncomfortable to insert and remove due to its size. Iíve never given birth and Iím under 30, so this might be a contributing factor. But the discomfort is worth keeping in mind.

I probably wonít be using it any more.

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Stick to the 40ml
04 April 2023  | 

I thought I would treat myself to an 'upgrade' with the 50ml.... Turns out it's much harder material not soft like the 40ml and three bleeds in and I'm still disappointed

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Really good
13 March 2023  | 

Product came well packaged and in a timely manner. I was very happy with this cup but application and removal is a bit different to usual cups didn't take long to get the hang of. This means I'm no longer having issues first thing in the morning. Product has a really cute bag to keep it in and instructions are clear and concise. I highly recommend this product if other cups are not coping with your flow.

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