Bare & Boho Medium Wet Bag

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25 x 25cm
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Bare & Boho Bag Overview

Bare & Boho medium wet bags will hold a generous stash of pads / period pants and are made from beautiful thick double lined quality PUL. The thick PUL makes them a reliable and long lasting bag

The bag has zip fastening to keep smells inside and has as poppered strap so that it fits onto any type of push chair handle or bag.


Bare & Boho web bags are 25x25cm

How do I use it?

Place soiled reusable cloth pads or period pants into the wet bag and zip up to keep smells and odours inside.  For washing empty the pads / pants from the wet bag and then you can add the wet bag into the wash.

Please remember while this is a water resistant bag, the zip area is not waterproof. If you place very wet items into the wet bag and they are able to touch the zip area the bag will wick moisture in this area. This is the same with any zippered wet bag.



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