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Little Lovebum Medium Wet Bag

Little Lovebum
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Little Lovebum Medium Wet Bag Overview

The Little Lovebum Medium Wet Bag is an eco-friendly alternative to one-use plastic bags. It has a handy hanging handle that opens with a popper that can be popped onto your pushchair or handbag.

The bag offers two pockets so you can store clean and dirty items separately which is ideal when out and about.

It is a multi-use bag so can also be used for items such as wet swimming clothes or beach wear.


Size: 30cm x 33cm

How do I use it?

Place soiled items into the wet bag and zip up to keep smells and odours inside.  For washing empty the soiled items from the wet bag and then you can add the wet bag into the wash.

Please remember while this is a water resistant bag, the zip area is not waterproof. If you place very wet items into the wet bag and they are able to touch the zip area the bag will wick moisture in this area. This is the same with any zippered wet bag.

Wet Bag Fabric

Waterproof Polyester - PUL . Polyurethene Laminate

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