Menstrual Cups for A High Cervix

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Menstrual Cups for A High Cervix

Most manufacturers make only make one or two types of menstrual cups that are designed to fit pre- and post-birth. As we know finding the right cup for you can reply on a few more factors. Checking your cervix height is a great way to narrow down your choices of suitable cups. You can read how to measure your cervix in our article "How to measure your cervical height."

If you have identified that you have a high cervix then finding a cup that is long in the body and a long stem can be really important. Using a cup that is too short for you can cause problems with removal. There have been some studies that show needing to bear down to remove your cup can cause a prolapse.

Great cups for cervix heights are
Juju Model 3
Yukki Classic
Yukki Soft
Merula XL
Lunette Size 2

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