Menstrual Cups for A High Cervix

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What is a high cervix?

A high cervix sits deeper within the vaginal canal, requiring a longer cup so you can easily reach it. It's important to know your body to ensure you choose the right cup for your unique needs and importantly so you can insert and remove easily!

Choosing your cup

Most menstrual cup manufacturers make only make cup sizes that are designed to fit pre- and post-birth.  We know there is more to choosing the right cup than menstrual cup size and there are a few more factors to consider.

Checking your cervix height

Checking your cervical height is a great way to narrow down your choices of suitable cups and identify if you have a high cervix or not.

You can read how to measure your cervix in our article "How to measure your cervical height."

The cervix moves and is not always in the same position. It is not uncommon for the cervix height to alter throughout your menstrual cycle and menstrual period and you would then have different menstrual cups for the start and end of your period.

Choosing the perfect cup for a high cervix:

When selecting a menstrual cup for a high cervix, prioritise those with a longer body and a stem or grip that is easy to reach. Look at our range of menstrual cups specifically designed for high cervixes, as they are especially designed for you.  Many also offer a higher menstrual fluid capacity due to the longer length of the menstrual cup.

Don't forget to consider firmness options, as a high cervix may benefit from a slightly firmer cup but this really can vary woman to woman.

Why can't I use a short cup?

Using a menstrual cup that is too short for you can cause problems with removal. Do not use a cup designed for a low cervix. There have been some studies that show needing to bear down to remove your cup can cause a prolapse so avoid shorter menstrual cups.

What is the best menstrual cup for a high cervix?

Great high cervix menstrual cups are below.

  • Juju menstrual cup 3 is always my initial thought.  Juju Menstrual Cup model 3 is designes especially if you have a high cervix or a long vaginal canal. The Juju Cup model 3 has a longer than average body and stem to help with easier removal.  The model 3 Juju Cup is a narrower cup so doesn't offer a huge capacity so might not be the best cup for you if you have very heavy periods or menstrual flow. 
  • Saalt cups have some kind of loop or stem for removal but Saalt cups have a slightly longer stem that ensures your cup will still be easy to remove, even if you have a higher cervix or a longer vagina. We also like that the Saalt cup keeps users in mind its sizing options, offering teen, small, and regular sizes, so literally anyone with a higher cervix is covered. For those with sensitivity there is also a softer cup option too.

Insertion Techniques:

Proper insertion is key to a comfortable and effective cup experience. With a high cervix, you may find it helpful to experiment with various folding techniques to ease insertion and ensure the cup unfolds fully after placement. The punch down fold can work well for deeper insertion.

Another Option - Menstrual Discs

Another option if you can't find the perfect cup are is a reusable menstrual disc. Menstrual discs were originally designed for mess free penetrative intercourse during your period.

Reusable menstrual discs are relatively new to the market and provide another alternative to people with a high cervix height. Just like most menstrual cups they are made of medical grade silicone.

Discs sit behind the pubic bone whereas menstrual cups work and sit in the vaginal canal held in place by the vaginal wall.

Discs also offer some of the highest capacity available so can be the perfect solution for those with a heavy flow. The Lumma Discs also have a silicone string to help removal which can be fabulous for those with a very high cervix.

Kate Milligan
05 July 2022  |  20:28

Excellent blog and extremely informative in helping me decide which cup to get along with the TPL questionnaire! I ended up getting the Yuuki classic as I run regularly and genuinely canít feel it once itís in. Highly recommend menstrual cups, Iím a complete convert and canít believe I didnít take the plunge earlier!!