Menstrual Cups For A Low Cervix

Menstrual Cups For A Low Cervix

What is the best menstrual cup for low cervix?

At The Period Lady we understand the importance of having the right fitting cup. We stock a range of especially designed menstrual cups for a low cervix so you can find your best menstrual cup.

Most manufacturers make only make one or two types of menstrual cups that are designed to fit pre- and post-birth. As we know finding the right cup for you can reply on a few more factors.

Why does it matter if I have a low cervix?

Having a low cervix drastically reduces the number of menstrual products you can choose from. Most cups are around 47 mm in the body itself, with stems adding additional length. That's why knowing your cervix height before you buy a cup is best. No matter what you do, a cup that is too long for your body won't work.

To start - What is a low cervix?

The cervix is a tube in shape of doughnuts connected to vaginal tissue.

A low cervix means that there is a shorter distance between your cervix and the opening to your vagina. This shorter distance means that there is less space in your vagina length-wise to fit a menstrual cup.

It is not uncommon for the cervix height to alter throughout your menstrual cycle and menstrual period and you would then have a different cup for the start and end of your period.

Checking your cervix height

Checking your cervix height is a great way to narrow down your choices of suitable cups and identify if you have a low cervix or not.

You can read how to measure your cervix in our article "How to measure your cervical height."

Prolapse - Word of warning!

Just a word of warning if your cervix or cup is sitting very low in the vaginal canal, causing bladder sensitivity or causing any discomfort, please see your GP as this may be an indication of pelvic organ prolapse.

Available menstrual cup for low cervix UK

If you have identified that you have a low cervix at some point in your menstrual cycle then there are some shallow low cervix menstrual cup options that are specifically designed for a low cervix and shorter vaginal canal. The best menstrual cups for a low cervix are...

Me Luna Shorty

My first choice for the best cup is from Me Luna who have a specialist menstrual cup range of shorter cups are the Me Luna Shorty collection.

These are ideal if you know you have a very low cervix. Me Luna Shorty have a fabulous collection of low cervix menstrual cups. The cups are not only shorter than the rest of the MeLuna cups range and are available in Soft - a softer sup than average cup ideal for those with weak pelvic floors or bladder irritation, Classic - think of this as your average cup and Sport. - sport is a much firmer cup so that it doesn't compress under pressure during sport.


Merula Cup

The Merula cup's unusual spherical shape means the Merula One Size cup has a short height of only 39mm.

This means the cup can easily be used if you have a low cervix however unusually it is also suitable if you have a high cervix due to the long ladder shaped stem.  This versatility is really useful if you find your cervix height changes throughout your period.

Measuring the height of your cervix before using the cup for the first time is not necessary. Simply decide which length of the stem would be perfect for you.  You can adapt by cutting one of the two levels from the stem.

The Merula cup has a very large capacity up to 38ml which is the equivalent of 2 large tampons. 

The diameter is from 40-46mm. Merula Onesize adapts perfectly to your body and is ideal for light or heavy bleeding.

Merula Cup Regular (with the stem removed) is another excellent low cervix cup.

Merula Menstrual Cup
£23.00  -  £28.00

Mermaid Guppy Cup

Mermaid Guppy cup has been designed for those with a low cervix.  The Mermaid Guppy Cup has a short body and stem to help with easier removal. The Mermaid guppy cup comes in soft and firm and in two different sizes.  The Mermaid Guppy Cup has a higher than average capacity comparied to some other brands of short cups due to it's more bulbous shape and has a capacacity of up to 28ml to the brim. .

Amending the fit of your menstrual cup to make it shorter

If you already use a menstrual cup and notice that it can sometimes stick out of your vaginal opening or feels very low in your vaginal canal then there are a few things that you can try to make it work for you.

  • You can try and trim the stem or remove it completely. You can read our article about removing your menstural cup stem.

  • If you've trimmed your stem completely but still feel the cup is sitting to low then you can try to turn your cup inside out. This can shorten the cup by a couple of mm and can make all the difference to some people.

Capacity of a menstrual cup for a low cervix

It is important to remember that because low cervix menstrual cups are generally lower in capacity than most menstrual cups and will therefore hold less menstrual blood.

You might need to consider a cup that has a short body length with a stem to remove or consider a large size up in the Meluna Shorty.

Warning for high cervix

A word of warning if you have a high cervix do not use a low cervix cup as you will find it very hard to reach to remove.

Another Option - Menstrual Discs

Another option if you can't find the perfect cup are is a reusable menstrual disc. Menstrual discs were originally designed for mess free penetrative intercourse during your period.

Reusable menstrual discs are relatively new to the market and provide another alternative to people with a low sitting cervix height. Just like most menstrual cups they are made of medical grade silicone.

Discs sit behind the pubic bone whereas menstrual cups work and sit in the vaginal canal held in place by the vaginal wall.

Discs also offer some of the highest capacity available so can be the perfect solution for those with a heavy flow but low cervix.