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Fern Wet Bag

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Fern Wet Bags Overview

Fern bags are just beautiful quality. They are made from a wonderfully soft PUL that also feels thick and fantastic quality. The bags come in two sizes ideal for using cloth pads when out and about but also an option for larger storage at home.


Mini Bag

  • This sanitary pad storage bag is the perfect clutch size
  • 2 pockets allowing space for dry and wet items to be stored separate.
  • Perfect for keeping your cloth pads in when away from home. 
  • Also the perfect size for a makeup bag or for toiletries

Large Bag

  • 2 layers of waterproof PUL fabric with no internal bottom seam for maximum containment
  • Detachable mesh bag lining. When the bag is full simply remove out the mesh bag, pull the drawstring and pop it straight in the wash. The bag can then be used again before also being washed. 
  • Removable mesh bag makes wash day easy as your soiled pads are moved from bag to the machine in seconds.
  • Perfect for storing your cloth pads at home.

How do I use it?

Place soiled reusable cloth pads or period pants into the wet bag and zip up to keep smells and odours inside. 

Please remember while this is a water resistant bag, the zip area is not waterproof. If you place very wet items into the wet bag and they are able to touch the zip area the bag will wick moisture in this area. This is the same with any zippered wet bag.


PUL - waterproof fabric giving you the confidence to store your pads when out and about.


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