Tilted Cervix/Uterus & Menstrual Cups

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Tilted Cervix/Uterus & Menstrual Cups

Can I use a menstrual cup if I have a retroverted uterus?
The short answer for this is YES!

For most women their uterus tips forward and this is considered the usual position. However for about 1 in 5 women their uterus tilts backwards and is known as a retroverted or tilted uterus. For the majority of these women this is considered a normal variation and causes no issues at all.

Most menstrual cup users with a tilted uterus will manage to use a menstrual cup with no issues. However a few may find that using a cup needs slightly more practice and they have to adjust the position slightly.

Menstrual cups sit in the vaginal canal and with a retroverted uterus they should sit below the height of the cervix. This can often mean that the cup sits lower than it usually would. It is important to ensure that you still have a good seal around the top of the cup. If the cup isn't correctly situated then it can leak or cause discomfort. Some people find that at it sits lower they prefer a smaller cup, however if you have a weak pelvic floor then using a softer cup also be an option.

As the cups sits slightly lower than people without a tilted uterus, you may find that you need to shorten the stem on your cup. Instructions for how to do this are found on our article "removing the stem of your menstrual cup."

If you are unsure which cup might suit you best then have a read of our article "choosing a menstrual cup" we also have an article on how to "measure your cervix height" and a "cup comparison chart" to help you.  We also have team members who have tilted uterus so if in doubt our advice team will be more than happy to help you, email us on hello@theperiodlady.co.uk for your personalised recommendation.

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