Do I Need Back Up Protection With A Menstrual Cup?

Thursday, 4 February 2021

Do I Need Back Up Protection With A Menstrual Cup?

Many women including myself are fortunate (so far) and don't need to use anything to back up their menstrual cup even on their heaviest days. If you are one of these people then you can just continue using just your cup and wearing your normal underwear.

However there isn't a reason you can't use back up protection if you prefer. Some people use back up methods whilst getting used to their new menstrual cup or on their heaviest days just in case.

If you are getting used to your cup and want some back up light absorbency liners then some of our most economical options are you Nora Pantyliners, Sew Sustainable or the Cheeky Mama range. These liners are ideal for every day use throughout the month too.

On heavier days if you find or want the reassurance of extra protection then there are other higher absorbency options available.  Maybe you're at work or travelling and you can't change your cup as often as you'd like, then period pants are a great option for some back up support.  We've had a number of nurses during the COVID19 outbreak come to us with this issue as they find they are working long shifts without breaks.  You shouldn't need the heaviest period pants as the pants are just for some extra protection. The Cheeky Mama Period pants are a great economical option. The Flux Invisible range while offering lower absorbency than the Cheeky Mama they are ultra thin.  If you'd prefer to use pads instead or pants then look at the regular/day absorbency pads such as Bloom and Nora or Fern.

If you suffer with exceptionally heavy periods or flooding then our article "How to cope with flooding periods" will give you our perfect combination.

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